Newfoundland Photo Tours

Visit the must see locations and the ones off the beaten path.


Some of this province’s greatest landscapes are hidden from the visiting tourist. We have traveled all over Newfoundland & Labrador and located the most scenic places this province has to offer. Our goal is to take you to those magical places at the right time to capture those breath taking images. Contact us to find out more.

All photography provided by Michael Winsor


Iceberg workshop

Travel Newfoundland Photographing 10,000 year old icebergs


Atlantic Puffin Workshop

Find out where and how to photograph those cute Atlantic Puffins.


St. John’s workshop

Discover St. John’s In Low Light

Learn how to take images in low light in various locations around Newfoundland.


Jelly Bean Row workshop

Take a two hour tour of the Jelly Bean Houses at downtown St. John’s.


Atlantic Ocean Workshop

Experience the wild Atlantic Ocean while capturing pictures of whales, puffins and icebergs.


Christmas In the harbour workshop

Capture the magical Christmas lights on the fishing boats in Port De Grave, NL


custom workshops

You decide the points of interest and we will design a workshop for you.


Private lessons

Learn at your own pace with one on one private instruction.