Icebergs, Whales and Puffins – 2 Days

Duration: Two Day Tour

Location: Bonavista, Elliston, places where icebergs are located.



per person

Private Tour


1-4 persons



Minimum of two people for tour. However, if there are not enough tickets sold for the tour you do have the option to purchase a private tour.

Travel to the Bonavista Peninsula and photograph icebergs, whales, puffins and the rugged coastline of Newfoundland.

  • Note: photographing icebergs, whales, puffins depends upon the season you visit. Please see FAQ's to determine best time for your visit.
  • Local award winning professional photo guide
  • Get up close to icebergs, whales and puffins.
  • Travel included in tour

These two days of photography will take you to the Bonavista Peninsula driving from St. John’s. During this two-day workshop we will travel to various inlets, coves and harbours to locate icebergs. We will also visit the picturesque community of Elliston where we will visit the puffin colony. Here we will offer tips on how to get up close to get those award-winning pictures.

The main focus while travelling the northeast coast of Newfoundland will be to capture awesome images of icebergs.  On our journey to Bonavista we may take a detour to see icebergs if there are any nearby. The scenic northeast coast provides great opportunities to take stunning pictures of the dramatic cliffs and seascapes.

We will also stop in Trinity on the way to Bonavista where we will have an opportunity to photograph an old fishing community. Trinity has abundant room for the ships of the day and shores well suited for outbuildings, wharves and fish-flakes. Historically, Trinity was an ideal location for the migratory fishery. During the 1720s, Trinity was home to about 30 permanent families and hosted 200-300 seasonal fishermen per year. By 1869, the population peaked at more than 800 people. While in Trinity you can photograph the old architecture such as fishing stages and colourful houses.

This tour guarantees amazing Newfoundland scenery,! However icebergs, whales, and puffins are visitors to the island and while these tours are offered during peak season, we cannot guarantee to see all three.  During our two days we will travel and do everything possible to find these visitors.  Again all workshops are custom to the clients needs.

If you would like to get closer to icebergs and whales, a Zodiac boat tour is an option. A boat trip on the North Atlantic is always different with so many things to offer – not just whales, and icebergs, but dramatic scenery and other wildlife as well. The best way to capture award-winning iceberg and wildlife images is from a Zodiac adventure.

Accommodations and the Zodiac tour are not included but we will help you find the best place to stay at a great price. All workshops are custom to the clients needs.

If you want an unforgettable experience, a photo workshop that takes your breath away and lots of great pictures then book now.


Here we will focus on photographing various seabirds with a focus on the Atlantic Puffin.

Town of Bonavista

Photograph the fishing community and explore the rugged coastline.

After you book we will arrange pickup at your accommodations.

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...This 2 day tour was so much fun largely due to Michael's personable approach. We became so much more aware of what to look for and loved the unique places Michael took us. We appreciated Michael's passion for photography and his thoughtfulness and consideration on the 2 days...

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